SPMD Ampush names former Facebook VP Tom Arrix to board of advisors


Ampush, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, announced Thursday that it has appointed former Facebook Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions Group Tom Arrix to its board of advisors.

Arrix left Facebook in July after seven years with the social network, helping Facebook foster marketing relationships with brands such as Walmart, American Express, Coca-Cola and GM.

With Ampush, Arrix will advise the company on client strategy, strategic partnerships and product development. Prior to working with Facebook, Arrix led Univision Digital’s advertising and mobile sales team.

Ampush CEO and Co-Founder Jesse Pujji commented on the hire in a press release:

We look forward to working closely with Tom; we have gotten to know each other well in the last several months and Tom shares our values and vision for Ampush. His deep experience and knowledge of media sales, Facebook advertising and native platforms will be integral in taking Ampush to the next level.

Arrix is excited to get started:

Ampush is raising the bar by taking the complexity out of buying ads for brands and direct response advertisers, on the industry’s biggest native ad platforms like Facebook and Twitter. During my time at Facebook, I witnessed Ampush drive major ROI across multiple industries through Facebook advertising. This trend will continue on other native platforms as the industry evolves and Ampush continues its upward growth trajectory. I’m thrilled and honored to work with Ampush’s founders, some of the industry’s true rock stars.

Vía Inside Facebook http://ift.tt/LiF5Wn

Instagram adds web embedding, makes sharing content on the web easier

Instagram Update: Sharing content becomes much easier


Inside Facebook reports:

Instagram is making moves to take its platform beyond its mobile applications. Today, the photo sharing application has made it easier to share photos and videos with web embedding. Users can now go to their Instagram web feeds to obtain a sharing embed code. It will usable for any site with HTML supported site.

Photos and video embeds provide the same features available on the Instagram webfeed, allowing users to like and comment. All embedded content will also appear with the uploader’s Instagram username and clicking the Instagram logo will bring people to their page on Instagram.com.

Web embedding has been a highly requested feature for the service since the company stopped supporting Twitter embeds to protect its brand. With the introduction of video last month, the update makes perfect sense. In comparison, Vine has already had embedding tools in place since its launch at the beginning of the year. The ability to embed video makes it easier to share photos and videos on the web helps provide ubiquity to the Instagram brand.

With this move, Instagram seems to be taking steps to establishing itself as a real-time sharing platform. Similar to Twitter, sharing on the Instagram platform can be enticing for journalists and reporters for sharing video on location. With over 130 million active users, bringing Instagram content outside of the native apps can only spell for more widespread recognition.

Vía Inside Facebook http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/InsideFacebook/~3/PAxaEwozjXg/

Top 25 Facebook pages July 2013

25 Best Facebook Pages


Most Liked Facebook Page

Once again, Facebook for Every Phone is the most-liked Facebook page — and by a wide margin, according to PageData. The page, which helps Facebook’s feature phone users, has more than 263 million fans on Facebook, dwarfing the company’s own Facebook page.

Most Popular on Facebook

Singer Rihanna is the most popular person on Facebook, trailed closely by rapper Eminem.

Facebook’s Most Popular Pages

# Name Total Likes  Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1     Facebook for Every Phone 263,709,611 +488,227 +3,422,923
2     Facebook 93,352,978 +27,022 +197,869
3     YouTube 75,563,817 +26,523 +172,263
4     Rihanna 73,251,317 +50,245 +401,499
5     Eminem 72,492,832 +55,636 +378,637
6     Texas HoldEm Poker 70,342,930 -1,480 -14,875
7     Coca-Cola 68,634,653 +20,264 +345,324
8     Shakira 66,287,365 +43,272 +285,229
9     The Simpsons 65,447,137 +17,085 +117,971
10     Harry Potter 63,121,005 +23,913 +187,817
11     Michael Jackson 60,758,597 +36,590 +263,781
12     Cristiano Ronaldo 58,866,624 +21,800 +174,769
13     Lady Gaga 57,996,363 +20,610 +123,746
14     Justin Bieber 55,151,548 +53,157 +360,157
15     Katy Perry 54,895,906 +26,521 +178,675
16     Linkin Park 54,721,360 +39,529 +262,346
17     Family Guy 53,291,995 +16,275 +113,190
18     Beyoncé 48,793,873 +43,470 +305,802
19     AKON 48,339,588 +19,598 +139,293
20     Leo Messi 46,974,890 +22,067 +134,638
21     South Park 46,948,967 +11,250 +84,497
22     Will Smith 46,922,424 +44,449 +290,773
23     Lil Wayne 46,121,089 +33,164 +234,283
24     MTV 45,818,466 +13,200 +73,675
25     Adele 44,939,088 +53,382 +370,853

Other changes since April:

  • Family Guy and Linkin Park (No. 16 and 17) switched spots.
  • Beyoncé rose from No. 20 to 18, with Akon moving from 18 to 19 and Leo Messi going from 20 to 21.
  • South Park fell from No. 19 to 21.
  • Will Smith rose two spots, from No. 24.
  • Lil Wayne dropped one, to No. 23.
  • MTV fell from No. 23 to No. 24.
  • Adele is now No. 25 on the list. The previous No. 25, Disney, fell to No. 27. Fellow singer Taylor Swift is right behind Adele, at No. 26.

Q. How many of these Facebook pages do you like?

Image courtesy of Facebook for Every Phone.

Vía Inside Facebook: http://www.insidefacebook.com/2013/04/09/top-25-facebook-pages-april-2013/

Facebook stickers designer leaves company

Sophie Xie Leaves Facebook

SophieXieShortly after Facebook launched stickers for desktop chat, news circulated that it lost one of the minds behind the popular messaging feature. TechCrunch and AllFacebook reported that Sophie Xie, the designer who started the sticker craze at a hackathon, has moved from Facebook.

According to TechCrunch, Xie left Facebook to work on a bespoke hyper-local location app. She had been a Facebook employee since 2012, and bringing stickers to desktop was her final project.

Stickers have been a craze in Asian messaging apps, but Facebook brought them to its network earlier this year. The super-sized emoticons started out as an addition for iOS, then later were added to Android. Tuesday, Facebook announced that desktop chat users can send stickers to friends.

Readers: How often do you send stickers?

Image courtesy of Facebook.

Vía Inside Facebook http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/InsideFacebook/~3/peWu096HR5I/

Facebook tests new gifts prompt, bookmark ads on mobile

Facebook Features: Gift Prompt and Bookmark Ads

1063367_10100847403942568_8069296_n Facebook appears to be testing a new ad unit on mobile (sponsored apps in the bookmarks bar) and has started putting birthday notifications in the mobile News Feed, accompanied by a prompt to buy that person a Gift. Tapping the Gift prompt (usually tailored to what a user has liked on Facebook) will lead to the user being led to purchase a Facebook gift for the person celebrating a birthday.

An Inside Facebook reader shared these new features for mobile. While the birthday and Gift News Feed stories are seen on iOS and Android native apps, the bookmark ad unit appears to only be on iOS for now.   On iOS, when a user accesses the left-side menu, featuring apps and settings, there’s a space for “sponsored apps.” Tapping this will lead the user to the mobile app. This appears to be a new kind of mobile app install ad that Facebook is testing. Facebook has been very excited about the mobile app install ad, and recently made it simpler to compose.


Readers: Have you seen this?

Vía Inside Facebook

Facebook to announce second quarter earnings July 24

Facebook Financials: What’s Coming?


While it may be too soon to see if the advertising simplification has helped Facebook’s bottom line, it will be interesting to see how the company has done financially in the fiscal second quarter. Facebook will share results from the second quarter, as well as chat with prominent investors, at 2 p.m. PT, Wednesday, July 24.

A live webcast will air on Facebook’s investor website.

During the first quarter report, Facebook announced $1.458 billion in revenue (which was an increase of $1.06 billion compared to the first quarter of 2012). Earnings per share were $0.12.

Facebook highlighted a number of advertising techniques used in the first quarter, such as greater targeting and partner categories. The company will likely discuss its expansion of Facebook Exchange (FBX), and will probably touch upon its advertising flow revamp, but the results from the new ad formats probably won’t be evident until the next quarter.

Readers: What do you think the financial forecast will look like for Facebook?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Vía Inside Facebook: ttp://feedproxy.google.com/~r/InsideFacebook/~3/wWhLmp_bui0/

Facebook overhauls interface, adds high-res photos in Windows Phone update

Facebook Overhauls Interface for Windows

WindowsPhoneScreenshotsEven though the Facebook’s native iOS and Droid applications have undergone several improvements, very little has happened to Facebook Windows Phone app since April. However, that changed Monday, as Windows announced major upgrades for the phone’s Facebook app, including a more user-friendly interface and high-resolution photos.

Much like Android users, Windows Phone users can also sign up to be part of a beta testing group for new features. The Windows Phone app also got the Timeline treatment. Windows announced these changes in a blog post:

A few months ago we created the Facebook Beta program, an opportunity for heavy-duty Facebook users and Windows Phone enthusiasts to help test out and shape future versions of one of our most popular and important official apps. Your help and support has been tremendous, and today the beta program is paying its first big dividend: Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone 8. Download it now This major update brings a ton of new features and improvements that many of you have been asking for, including a complete overhaul of the user interface, improved navigation, support for high-res pictures, post sharing, Facebook Timeline view, and more. Grab the update from the Store and tell us what you think.  (UPDATE: We’re also working to bring these features to the Windows Phone 7 version of the app later in the summer. Stay tuned.)

Readers: How else can the Facebook experience be improved on the Windows Phone?

Vía InsideFacebook.com

4 ways competitors can use Google’s Disavow to hurt your site

Can competitors hurt your website with fake link removal requests?

After the significant Google Penguin update a couple weeks ago, SEO’s and webmasters everywhere have been loosing their mind attempting to correct their backlink profiles rather than doing what they should to enhance their websites. In the craziness, unseasoned SEO’s and their webmaster counterparts are probably giving their full attention to doing the Google lockstep and obediently removing any questionable backlinks which point to their website.

As an SEO consultant, I don’t recommend deleting backlinks. It’s not going to help your website and will waste your a lot of time and money.

Can the Google Disavow Button hurts SEO

Is Google’s disavow links tool just a trick?

Of course Google going to state that the disavow tool does not hurt other websites; that’s their job…keep the masses fed and quiet. However, have you considered that if you raise your hand by clicking on the Disavow Button that Google just ‘might’ be keeping track of this as a confession of guilt? What? Google might be capricious and Draconian in the punishment?

Four ways Google’s Disavow Button can hurt your website

Can a competitor hurt our website with a black hat link removal requests? Yep, Black hat SEO’s can fake link removal requests. Here’s how…

First, let’s assume you own the domain www.YouAreNotTheBossOfMe.com and you’ve got killer backlinks from super authority websites. Your competitor could hire a Black Hat SEO to carry out the following to delete the high quality links which you’ve built up over time:

  1. The Black Hat does a Google search and finds variations of your main domain name then…
  2. Does a Private Registration of a domain name name such as www.YouAreNotTheBossOfMeNow.com or some other domain that may be very similar to your current website name.
  3. The Black Hat then redirects the new domain to your real domain name to ensure those who enter the fake domain name in their web browser think that it’s an official domain.
  4. Sets up email addresses from the fake domain and send emails to all websites backlinking to your website with a request to eliminate the link (or even worse, asks them to change it to another affiliate domain you don’t own.)

How to protect your website against Black Hat SEOs

The solution is simple, closely monitor the backlinks which point to your website since it could be weeks before you realize that the links were taken down; and by then it’ll be too late.

Google Webmaster Keyword Tool…Is it relevant?

Google Webmaster Tools

Why should you think twice about trusting Webmaster Tools keyword results

Choosing keywords for your SEO or Social Media Optimization is critical to online success. However, John Mueller of Google recently disclosed that often the keywords in Google Webmaster Tools don’t reflect relevancy!

Google's John MuellerHere’s what Google’s John Mueller revealed in a recent online discussion:

“The keywords shown in Webmaster Tools are based on the keywords we find when we crawl your pages. They are not representative of how we view your site’s relevance in web-search, it is purely a count of words from crawling (so if you see some words there which are common on your pages but which you find irrelevant, I wouldn’t worry about it)…”

For example, if you have a calendar on your pages, we might pick up the weekdays & month names very frequently, but that would not mean that the site is in any ‘penalized’ because of that. Our algorithms are pretty good at picking up issues like that.

On the other hand, if you see words there that are totally outside of your normal content (eg pharmaceutical product names, if your website isn’t about that), then that would be a sign that something’s not quite right.”

Here’s the content keyword explanation on Google’s discussion boards.

If you can’t fully trust Google’s Webmaster Tools keyword results, how are you going to alter your keyword strategy for selecting the right keywords? Join the discussion below.

Free Twitter Tool-Are your followers fake or real?

Use this free Twitter tool to improve your social marketing

Fake Twitter FollowersDo you really believe people who tout to have huge numbers of Twitter followers? Are they all real followers who are fully engaging with the content being shared; or, are they fake followers?

StatusPeople, ‘a team of two web developers, one web designer and an account man’ have come up with a cool (and free) tool to check exactly who of your followers are real and which are fake.

If you type in your Twitter name without the ‘@’ sign, this free Twitter tool will show you what percentage of your followers are fake, inactive, or real, active accounts.

How it works

Faker.StatusPeople takes a sample of your follower data and weighs it against various spam criteria. According to the StatusPeople, “spam accounts tend to have few or no followers and few or no tweets. But in contrast they tend to follow a log of other accounts.”

Further, StatusPeople touts their tool is “very accurate” for those with 50,000 followers or less.

Why this is cool

  1. Revenue generation – If you’re using Twitter as a marketing tool you need to know if what you’re broadcasting is going out to real people and not bogus accounts. This is especially true if you’re trying to use Twitter as a revenue generating part of your social marketing strategy.
  2. Check on your competition – Use this free social marketing tool to check on your competition’s social media efforts and then compare how you’re doing against how well they’re doing.
Note…though this is a free Twitter tool, there’s a paid version as well. With the paid version of the tool, you can track followers over time and identify spam accounts then delete those.
Either way, I suggest giving it a spin